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e. Rh. All donors and recipients should be Rh typed as well as

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asylum inmates are now, thanks to hypnotism, leading active and useful

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Further sub-varieties of paranoia are furnished by the sufferers from

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each other; 2nd, that in a large number of these there is a family

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portant distinctions are — first, into the acute and chronic forms ; and,

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of lead, gr. vijss. ; dilute hydrocyanic acid, 3ij. ; alcohol, 3iij£ ; water

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diagnosable lesions of psoriasis shows that the vessels of the superficial

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stances are present. If the reaction is used in a titration, it must

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spored fungus is believed to be exclusively of animal origin (horse, ass,

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cells as far down as the papillary layer of vessels, dilatation of the

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few have begun much later, one or two at eighteen years, and one at

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previous lives. In nearly all of them there is found more or less general

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Insanity," Amer. Jour. Ment. Sci. Philad. 1871. — 3. Gages. De la menopause et de

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common about the age of puberty ; but it may begin in childhood or adult

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The outbreak of zoster seems to be quite uninfluenced by the simul-

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inutility of this division was pointed out by Alibert, Fuchs, Hebra, and

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tissue. While the skin itself is generally affected, the subcutaneous

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Crocker, Tommasoli, Dubreuilh, Zeisler, Max Joseph, Audry, Brocq,

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a. The donor should belong to the same group as the recipient

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scum with a stream of water (preferably distilled) , which

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(see Sydenham Soc. Atlas, pi. xxxii., entitled "Pruriginous impetigo

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Motor disturbances are manifested chiefly by enfeeblement, inco-

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pathic institution, or spa. Usually the social surroundings may be

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eruptions are repeatedly re-excited or kept constantly in a state of more

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On the other hand, the more quiet the patient the less the liability to

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matory swelling. L. strophulosus or strophulus, "red gum," "teething

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made into the actual mental condition of the convict. If the prisoner

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The diagnosis of nsevus is generally made at a glance; but when purely

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selection systematically until there is found an indicator that ex-

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power of removing the outbreaks of psoriasis ; but, besides having

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the mushroom. The rings are scattered about irregularly, and neigh-

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reassume their normal condition. Mild nervine tonics may assist the

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distinguished by the absence of cranial nerve paralyses, vomiting, optic

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local treatment. Brocq says : " For the older authors the internal treat-

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nearly every country of Europe. These were not restricted

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tion of obtaining gratification ; nor 3, that it was the least injury that

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early phase the condition is painless ; but it tends to become painful, and

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