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lesions appear to affect the deeper seated portions of the lung around

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straight and well-proportioned man — an aspect which brings mechanical

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sistence. The surface of sections appeared dry, but pressure caused


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■was in effect the language of those whose opposition has brought

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theHospital, fourteen of whom werefound to be already dead. These were

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cavity, and has also been found in the nasal fossse, Eustachian tubes,

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efficient modes of Vaccination, and on different modes of preserving

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lower part. In Ruminants, there is a rudimentary portion above, and

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plectic ; but a large proportion of cases are examples of the two forms

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on the withers, was punctured on either side at its lowest point, the

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us for examination a horse suffering from chronic roaring, asking

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exhumed and 3. post mortem examination to be made. Messrs. Scatter-

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and for other kitchen purposes. The central or middle storey contains

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the progressive convalescence of about one year. He married, has a

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softened._ Over the ninth and tenth intercostal spaces this cavity

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bile ; and, taking the analogous case of obstruction in the air-passages

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strong, Esq., Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and J. H. Aveling, M.D.,

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lated blood, infiltrated between the layers of the mediastinum.

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more subject than others. Horses between four to eight years old,

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Respiration 36 ; pulse 84 ; temperature 41-1° C. The pulse was fairly

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compared with wave-propagations in other departments of science ; and,

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sickness. — The Registrar-General allows that the central organisatioa

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fairly induced, yet still the inevitable relapse made its appearance. Dr.

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hours ; and a quarter of a grain of morphia, with one-sixtieth of a grain

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Inflammation. An oval swelling six inches in length had appeared in

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As a rule, the opening of the sinus is at the side of the cranium, a

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^-arious morbid states, to certain brain diseases, to auto-intoxications

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115. Two-year-old Dutch bullock in prime condition.

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and an artfully arranged necktie of white lawn. His

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or at the office of the Journal, when forms of application and the

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depressed and feverish ; it only ate a portion of its food ; the tempera-

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factor. We know of no one who Bueceeds so well in the treatnienl and cure of

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tent to which the atmosphere was charged with them, and also by the

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