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the joint, exposing the capsule, which was very much

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Banks, C. E., surgeon. Three days' leave of absence from

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If the animal is diseased, from six to eight hour.s

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l)arty, is the cause, as it was established and the locusts

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really is, is a blackmailer — - a past master in the art of

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self to food ; and now, a few months since his entrance

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and one. In the afternoon there is usually a course in

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ileum, three inches, two feet and three feet from the

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dially invited. A reception to Professor Woodhead will follow

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time should be no more. The question was often asked

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veterinary medicine in this country, that no descrip-

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conscia recti, and a thorough acting up to the golden

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19.5, Hull 18.8, New-Castle-on-Tvne27.0, Cardiff 18.1, Rhondda

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indisposition unwarily maintained by the article, and

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some arrears of subscriptions due to the Parent As-

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•Cabot: B08T. MED. AND SDHO. JOURN., Nov.'21, 1901.

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the limitations are for this diet, and considers that

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For the week endinj? May 2, in Boston, according to ob-

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trouble until after a severe injury to the nose. Eleven

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ing the legislature to permit no changes to be made

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aftei-noon, in the midst of that work of chai-ity which-

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twice a week for two weeks, when the discharge ceased.

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and through the results observed after its jucUcious

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tion scar is a part of the axillary incision made at

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giving a strong reaction it is hard to see how a swimmer

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surface of the placenta is divided into lobules with

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growing gradually for nine months. It has caused no

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ble to waive the statute by the conduct of the case

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In one case, when fits had followed an injury to the

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article are as follows : (1) Temporary drainage of a

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inoculation to exist in the lilood of immune animals

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