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cure but believes that the operation neutralizes a toxin which is

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patient the therapeutic diet may supply. or more grams of protein

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rested the disease in different quarters of Brooklyn but none

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Mr. Lawson and indeed many veterinary practitioners have

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unreliable and has been abandoned. The experiments will not

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The osmic acid produces degeneration in the affected ner e ith

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Averaging perhaps two to six centimetres in diameter a single infarct

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identified. The appendix and index are also new the former embracing upwards

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observation. In Case No. only was there any serious oppo

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five although it may begin in childhood as the result of congenital syphilis.

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to me somewhat premature. The history of my case is

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read before the French Academy in and contained in Dr. Le Gallois s

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otherwise similar nonsmoking employee. Because of infla

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rectum to slough out thus uniting the two. The after treat

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This legislation will assure that patients and pro

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with other corticosteroids because in addition to being

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during the disease we have some sudden disturbance of the vagus brought

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bowels Avhich may be completely overlooked for a con

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Dislocation of the Sixth Cervical Vertebra. Dr. Hutchison

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table extracts resemble animal and bacterial proteins in this respect. They performed

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Laboratory and Sanitary Survey. Two hours twice a week second

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case of intermitting fever. After bleeding when I deemed it neces

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cells are included the inflammatory or catarrhal state has taken such hold

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dosis nor in cardiac arrest and in fact may well worsen the

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Etiology of Gastric Flatudency. The cause that produces it

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