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Dr. Gray — Never, except the communication may have been indirect. I do not know of

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some other member to take it. But he shall decide points of order or practice without

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flexion and extension. In uncomplicated transverse fractures of

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curriculum, and all matters pertaining thereto, and to the examination of those who seek

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now, however, the right pupil is larger than the left, both react

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The Sixty-seventh Annual Sessions of the American Institute of

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the cork and cotton used to close the tube as formerly. In this way

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Dr. Geikie— I join in the objection made by Dr. Britton.

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Dr. Gray — Patients did not come in to me except during the first few weeks I was there.

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ploying when expedient such well-known aids as the word-associ-

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occupy, and the very moment we step outside of any statute there provided, that moment

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tude in bed, and many other things enter into the problem and

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notified that he may qualify by complying with the requirements of Subsection 2, Section 1

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induced to have a surgeon called. Fortunately the surgeon had

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never know when he was violating the truth. Why did you not bring forward evidence to

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been much said about the cracks, or joints between the tile, but these are

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limited to two hundred and fifty, which, if the result of past years

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wardly reflected image of the inner nature of the disease, i. e., of

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37. We recommend the following as the Board of Examiners :

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sociated societies, in their respective localities on the south and west sides

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trouble came in the form of the sudden death of her husband by

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degen. of endothelium in ascending aorta ; chronic adhesive pleuritis ; fatty

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and dementia prsecox groups, the former with a recovery rate

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are we in a position to say that we believe the adoption of it would be in the interests of the

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one finds within the plaque exhibit not only progressive but re-

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with every motion. Also, there was pain, burning and numbness

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but discussions go on ; for example, if Dr. Sangster wanted to get a vote on this question

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place the date of its appearance in Egypt at about A. D. 544. Some

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of infection, and may require subsequent removal. In longitu-

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They are tissues of impaired regenerative power. Nevertheless,

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be a reduction in the number of representatives from the teaching and degree-conferring insti-

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of course homceopathically in cases of capillary turgescence, con-

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