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death following from shock, within four hours. In a

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Three Extrai>eritoneal Tumors. C. Hblbino. — The first

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Oeorge Matthias Swain, 1I.D,. College of Physicians and

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sition as emphatic as possible, for it must be appreciated

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of a young girl who fell down a shaft, and I succeeded very '

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ploy the art of surgery. This art is ever changing.

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amount of infiltration around each nodule of granula-

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can not refer his patient to any spot on earth where

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with this method, I will not go into details; however,

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toward that side in the paroxysm. Often the vertigo

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Drs. Judson Daland and W. D. Robinson, Philadelphia, Pa. ■ "The

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quantities of cow's milk. 3. Oat-meal or wheat gruel, barley

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45. Astereognosla. — ^Walton and Paul discuss the subject of

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Dr. Curel, of Cagnes, was stabbed by a former patient, and

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destroyed in {he various vital and metabolic processes

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'ure was reduced 3.1 degrees, in the second 2.6, an

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destructive to micro-organisms and their toxins. Brewer's

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portio vaf^inalis was in front of the promontory. When she

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the blood from about the third day to the fifth day of

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passed about a pint of bright-red blood and a. large mass of

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Committee. It is presumed that the House of Delegates

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observers. In this study and analysis the author brought out

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of cow's milk are injurious on account of the proportion of

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fibrous tissue. Of the remaining 77 in which the process

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N. C. ; "Devltallsed-alr Toztemla a Prime Cause of Tuberculosis,"

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or primarily, of which the former is the more common.

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upon a remote object, a faint inverted image of the

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one would ordinarily suppose that the word "examine," as ap-

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rubbet cord in figure-of-eight fashion was then to be

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radical, whereas nitrites, which are isomeric with them,

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association of the two conditions. Carcinoma of the third part

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