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History Of Prazosin

the leg to more than a right angle and kneel on it without any pain when

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etc., be also slightly altered. Professor Frankland's remarks-

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to an annual rate of 4.0 per 1,000, which exceeded by 2.h the mean zymotic

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formances at La Charit^' and with others carried on in private

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Surgery of the Liver and Gall iladder, Mr. A. W. M. Robson (Two

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uo way, perhaps, are those endeavours titiouer; on the contrary, the habit of

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Effects on Temperature.— \ do not think that carbolic acid

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removal of the restriction would have a great influence upon

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competent hands of Dr. G. E. Herman, who has succeeded

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length of the uterus was not more than 3, if flexed still less,

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Germany for the physical examination of tlie organs are dis-

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of bacteriology and are in possession of a sufficiently power-

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ing physician. On this occasion both he and Mr. E. M.

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lenses (including the apochromatic objectives) are clearly ex-

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man whose impress they chiefly bore throughout their lives."

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Gi1^alt^^ to Malta. It should have been Brigade-Smgeon-Lieutenant-

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old scar. It may have its origin again in an abnormality of

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opportunities should be taken as they arise to increase the

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second reading, and then shared their fate. Last year

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be allowed to take their own formal whose interests, and ver}- means of life,

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one was preceded by deep reflection. But he had himself

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42 in Belgian .56 in French, 60 in Austrian, and 97 times more m Italian

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to improved hygienic conditions, the outcome of that aug-

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disease has now overspread the whole city and gives rise to much anxiety.

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DUNDEE ROYAL INFIRMARY.— Medical Superintendent. Applications

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Professor Silvanus Thompson, an anfemic scheme. It is

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versity of London that the election of a member of the

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