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INIulzer find that rabbits are better suited for studies

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it is in that Judge Gaynor has been felled.

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find quite fully stated the very close diagnosis that very exceptionally

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years, who had reached the climacteric twenty years before, had suffered for

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X'esalius says about it. At the time Vesalius wrote,

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toms disapi)eared after the operation. Eight months later she was well,

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blood of a human female, taken at the time of delivery, and of milk. The

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tical application of this discovery to yellow fever

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with a sterilized syringe from a vein at the elbow, the serum, after

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taken into consideration are the abundance of flies

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examination of pus from forty operative cases, in which recovery followed,

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An operation should always be conservative, the re-

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form of this disease. Riegel says that we can estab-

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He is of the opinion that many cases of achylia ex-

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overlooked by Habel, but any possible objection to his argument is met with

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Therapy" at the recent Congress of American Physicians and Sur-

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baths lasting an hour and of the strength of 12,000

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tricle cause congestion of the right ventricle and the veins of the general

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tract bounded in front by the posterior nares and be-

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the most favor. Bismuth subgallate, as well as nearly all of the agents which

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AuFRECHT {Centralblaft filr inn. Med., 1896, No. 1) will therefore be looked

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mended by Berger. Eeichert claims that, aside from its anaesthetic action,

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that calcium given in the form of the lactate enters

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myself, I do not quite like such strong terms as he

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